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Hybrid Cars

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Vehicles that operate on a mixed system of conventional motor (gas powered) and electric motor. Plugging in to charge is not necessary, as the charge is achieved while driving.

· Toyota Prius: (AT-PZEV)

· Toyota Highlander Hybrid: (an SUV hybrid) is not yet in the showrooms, but is in Toyota's Hybrid Synergy View online newsletter, where you can find out more about Toyota's hybrid products and what Toyota expects to provide in the future (

· Honda Accord Hybrid: 37 mpg highway, 29 mpg city.

· Honda Civic Hybrid: up to 650 miles on one tank ULEV/AT-PZEV

· Honda Insight: was the first gasoline-electric hybrid sold in the U.S.; hyighest EPA Fuel Economy Rating in 2005; approximately 670 miles on one tank

· Ford Escape Hybrid: front wheel drive SUV; gets 36 mpg city /31 mpg highway driving; an option for someone who desires the space or hauling/towing capacity of an SUV, but can't stomach the low gas mileage of a standard SUV or pickup truck.

· GMC also has hybrid trucks available for fleet use


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