Of The Earth is an environmentally focused handmade paper and hand dyed silk manufacturer. Our logo is an allegory of our idealized world; the people and plants in harmony with the earth in a circular flow of renewal and regeneration through responsibility.

handmade paper invitations and silk ribbon manufacturer

Earth Friendly Handmade Invitations

Fully assembled custom printed invitations or do it yourself assemble at home styles for sale

5x7 handmade invitationseed paper and ecotwist gate fold invitationearth friendly seed paper bifold invitation with hemlock ecotwistseed paper bifold invitation with fern and ecotwistinvitation shell with golden woodcut print and eco-twist wrapThis invitation wrap is made with an imported handmade paper and Hanah silk periwinkle ribbonSeeded Purple Larkspur Bifold DIY Kit7x10 bifold style folding invitation with satin ribbonhandmade invitation 4.5" x 6" panel invitation with lavender larkspur6x12 Square Fold Invitation on Marigold Paperinvitation with silk ribbon6x9 Open shows the printed vellum and the organza ribbon attachmenthandmade paper invitation 6x12 bifoldCotton Kit #2s paperSeeded Aspen Lotka Bifold DIY KitCotton DIY Kit Packaged6"x9" blue garden invitation with spruce big bowCotton Kit #9s paper6x9 bifold wrap with chocolate lotka and acorn satinblue garden lotka wrap with periwinkle bandpanel invitation with silk ribbon6x9 bifold from #9s seeded paper with Aspen Eco-twistHandmade invitation - 5x7 with misty or leather fern attachmentpanel invitation with organdy ribbon4.5x6 panel with paper overlay4.5"x6" handmade panel with double satin ribbon bowseed paper invitation wrapcotton 6x9 bifold do it yourself invitation kitSeeded Sequoia Lotka Panel DIY Kitseeded lotka 5x7 panel 4.5"x6" handmade invitaion with vellum and leather fern or misty attachmentpaperfree 6x6 invitation9"x9" wrap with 6"x6" panelhandmade invitation 4.5" x 6 with daisy flower6x9 H Fold Closed5x7 handmade invitation5x7 panel invitation with misty spearHandmade 4" x 9" Invitations6x6 panel invitation with larkspur stem#2s Handmade paper with Hemlock Eco-Twist Lotka Paper Wrap6x9 H Fold Open4.5" x 6" panel with verbena flowersLotka Seed Paper!5x7 panel invitation with lavender larkspurhandmade paper invitation - will sprout if planted!handmade paper invitation 6x9 bifoldsquare handmade invitationClick to order our biodegradable seed paper invitations6x12 bifold invitation with silk ribbonSilk ribbon invitation #014 on lotka seed paper7×10 golden garden wrap, 5×7 seed paper panel and Charm silk ribbon.handmade invitation 6x9 bifold

Invitation wrapsPressed Flower Invitationsvarious handmade invitation stylesReply Cardshandmade paper invitationColor PDF DIY InvitationsBotanical Invitation Attachmentseed paper diy kitsbi-fold style natural dyed invitationsseed paper with color printing

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