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Earth Friendly Honeymoon


The information found here should be just a starting place for your environmentally friendly choices.

Each of us chooses our own path, make your path one of renewal and respect.


When considering potential honeymoon destinations, there are many decisions to make. Keep in mind, there are a variety of options available for getting to and from your destination. Each option has its benefits and drawbacks. Driving has its place, but if going very far, will use unnecessary resources. Flying will consume fewer relative resources than driving, but is not your only alternative. The train can be a very romantic and relaxing way to see the sights together in a unique way, while taking advantage of the benefits of mass transit ( If you live near a waterway, you might even be able to enjoy a ferry ride to a romantic, out of the way destination.

Where you go and what you do on your honeymoon can be as varied as how you get there. If you want to give back and volunteer your time and skills to a cause, there are many options available for you.

Habitat for Humanity offers 7-14 day adventures of volunteering around the United States and internationally. Habitat for Humanity brings volunteers together with people in need to build houses. Habitat homes are built at the lowest cost possible, and with energy efficiency and other environmental concerns as priorities. Go to to find out more about opportunities and itineraries.

For the animal lover, consider volunteering for a week or two at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah ( Best Friends is a common vacation destination for those who want to help out with animals in need, as they welcome people to spend vacation time on site. Volunteers spend time with the resident animals, helping feed, clean and exercise them. There are many options for places to stay while helping out, including cottages close to the sanctuary, limiting your travel distance. While you're there, you'll want to take time to explore and appreciate the beautiful natural wonders of Angel Canyon.

These are just a couple ideas for unique, environmentally sensitive working vacations that are not just fit for a honeymoon, but for your life together after the wedding. If a working honeymoon is not for you, but it is important for you to be sensitive to environmental issues when you travel, consider eco-tourism as an approach to your travel.

The eco-tourism concept has developed quite a bit in the past couple decades. Eco-tourism is not limited to wild, out of the way places anymore. According to the Global Development Research Center, eco-tourism is a way of looking at planning, management and development of sustainable tourism products and activities ( By going the eco-tourism route, you can help ensure that your presence does not adversely impact the culture and eco-system of your destination.


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