Of The Earth is an environmentally focused handmade paper manufacturer. Our logo is an allegory of our idealized world; the people and plants in harmony with the earth in a circular flow of renewal and regeneration through responsibility.

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Handmade Invitation Wraps
handmade lotka paper wraps with eco-twist recycled ribbon
Our Lotka wraps are handmade, 50% recycled content, 100% tree free and the perfect compliment to any invitation. You can order the full sheets and tear them to size at home or purchase them pre-torn. Add the finishing touches to your invitation with our earth friendly Eco-twist or Earth Satin ribbon. Your completed invitation will be beautiful, earth friendly and reduce your carbon footprint.

*** Seeded Lotka Paper - Watch it grow! ***
6x9 Bifold Wrap With Hanah Silk Robin's Egg 6x9 Bifold Wrap with Bullseye and Hanah Silk Victorian Rose
6x9 Bifold Wrap With Midori Organdy Tea
Aspen Vegetable Dyed Seed Paper
Hemlock Vegetable Dyed Seed Paper
6x9 Bifold Seed Paper Wrap with Spruce eco twist ribbon 6x9 Bifold Wrap With Earth Satin Quince 6x9 bifold wrap with chocolate lotka and acorn satin
Spruce Vegetable Dyed Seed Paper Sequoia Vegetable Dyed Seed Paper
6x9 Bifold Wrap With Earth Satin Loam 6x9 Bifold Wrap With Earth Satin Aster 6x9 Bifold Wrap with silk ribbon
This great paper contains a blend of wildflower seeds that will sprout if planted and cared for. All lotka papers shown here are at least 50% recycled fiber content. Lotka is made in the highlands of Nepal by rural craftspeople.

The Daphne bush is farmed and harvested from 3-4 year old plants that are cut down and stripped of their bark to become the raw material from which the sheets are formed. The plant is not destroyed when cut down, it regenerates from the root. The cane like stick, once it's bark is removed is dried and used to heat the villagers homes and to provide cooking fuel for meals and also for the production of the paper. All of the water used in the paper production is reclaimed and reused. The bark is beaten by hand and boiled to break it down to a pulp (where it is mixed in with recycled pulp and paper scrap collected from the card and envelope manufacturing process) that is then pored into screens to form the sheets. These sheets are then dried in the sun. The whole process is not only earth friendly but also provides a large community with a healthy enterprise. All of our lotka paper is at least 50% recycled fiber content.

Lotka Seed Paper DIY Kits
Lotka Seeded Computer Paper
Seeded Favor Boxe Big Bow Style Wrap
Use it for gift wrap and favors too.
Seed Paper Box!
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