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wedding invitations and handmade paper samples available now!

Of The Earth Handmade papers 888.294.1526

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Wedding invitations, ribbon, paper and supplies shipping information

Available Now!
These handmade papers can ship to you today!
Order Now - Toll Free 1-888-294-1526
18" x 24" Sheet $10.00
Earth Friendly Fiber Paper
All of our paper stock is sustainable, recyclable and earth friendly. No trees fibers found here! You will find cotton, abaca, sabai, sisal and lotka plant fibers in use for our papermaking.
These pictures show a 5" x 7" section of the larger full deckle edge handmade paper sheets.
bachelor buttons, plumosus fern
Tree Fern, Chard
tree fern, dusty miller, abaca blend sunflower
#1 #4
#2 #3
12" x 18"
Bachelor Buttons, tree fern
Discount Schedule (call for order code):

101-300 sheets =15%

301-500 sheets =20%

501+ sheets =30%

Marigold Chard Carrot
Custom Paper Options
#8 #9
100% cotton papers - Tree Free - Recyclable - Renewable - Responsible
1-6 * 7-12 * 13-18 * 19-24 * 25-30 * 31-36 * 37-42 * 43-48
* 49-54 * 55-60 * 61-66 * 67-72 * 73-78 * 79-84 * 85-90
Each sheet of our handmade paper equals:
16 - 4.5" x 6" flat cards or
12 - 6" x 6" flat cards or
12 - 4" x 9" flat cards or
10 - 5" x 7" flat cards or
8 - 6" x 9" flat cards or
8 - 6" x 9" bi-folds or
6 - 6" x 12" bi-folds or
4 - 7" x 12" bi-folds
Add custom tearing to your order. $1 per card
Include a note or email with your order stating the size card you desire.
Custom tearing may delay shipping depending upon the amount to be torn.
Paper orders will be rolled when practical to reduce shipping costs. Flat shipments are available but require additional postage.
Order from these if you need less then our 15 sheet minimum for a custom handmade paper order.
The paper ingredients can be identified with a quick phone call.
click to view papers that will grow flowers Bachelor Buttons! These great flowers are used in our papermaking, for invitation embelishments, as pressed flowers and as pressed flower stickers. You can even request that we put bachelor button seeds in your custom paper to produce a small garden when planted. Give this paper as gifts, for invitations, bookmarks or even as a renewable wedding favor. If you dig around, you can find all of that and more on our site!

This photo was taken in our field of bachelor buttons!