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Yellow Carnation Paper

Our handmade paper ingredients allow you to customize your wedding invitations on a level not seen anywhere else.

If you want to have more then one flower in your paper, contact us with your flower choices and we will email you a picture of your unique combination at no charge. Since we are able to custom design the handmade paper to suit your tastes we encourage you to make specific requests about the concentration of each floral ingredient so we can better match your vision.

This picture shows a 5x7 section of our larger 18" x 24" full handmade paper sheets. Tearing our paper into the smaller invitation sizes preserves the natural deckle edge* look on all four sides of the card. We can provide you with finished invitations or we can sell the components separately to provide you with the most budget friendly options.

yellow carnation
If you decide to make the invitations using our materials in a do-it-yourself approach to your wedding, you can accomplish the same look that we show on our site if you buy the tools and read the instructions we provide for free.

Whether we print directly on the smooth side of our handmade paper or you hang a vellum overlay over the textured side of our paper your wedding will be off to a great start if your guests receive one of our invitations in the mail

Our handmade paper is made of 100% tree free cotton fibers and can be 100% recycled at no additional cost. For a small fee they can be plantable and will grow flowers if you include flower seeds as one of your paper ingredients.

Buy a sample swatch for $1 (may contain more than just this ingredient.)
*On handmade paper, the deckle edge is the natural, soft, slightly uneven outer edge that is an artifact unique to individually formed sheets. A mould and deckle are tools used in paper making.
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