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How Green is Cruising: Introduction
by Laura Brookes

Environmental issues concern us all, so it is always encouraging to see major companies and big businesses lead by example by making positive changes to the way they operate in order to encourage responsible living by being ecologically aware.

The world has become much more conscious of the effect that ecological damage is having on the environment, and more of us are making changes to the way we live to reduce our carbon footprint. The travel industry is now making a concerted effort to do the same, with the cruise industry making changes to their systems in order to show the world that they are helping us lean towards a greener planet.

When you think of cruise ships, you think of the Titanic, and huge steel ships that guzzle fuel and take long journeys across the oceans carrying thousands of people. You wouldn’t believe them to be very environmentally friendly, and in the past they may not have been, but the cruise industry is to be commended for at least taking responsibility for what they are doing and make the relevant changes to improve their carbon footprint.

This includes installing solar panels on the ships to generate power that otherwise would have been spent on fossil fuels and changing from regular fuel to biodiesel. Royal Caribbean’s change to electric gas and steam turbine engines has seen the emissions on their Radiance class ships reduced by up to 98%.

All of this is evidence that companies are starting to see the benefits that come from becoming more ecologically aware when powering their ships. Not only are they helping to save their business money on fuel, but they are also helping to save our planet for the generations that will follow. The more other areas of the travel industry – and every industry – take these lessons on board, the better it will be for all of us.

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