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The information found here should be just a starting place for your environmentally friendly driving choices.

Each of us chooses our own path, make your path one of renewal and respect.

According to Friends of the environment, over half of the oil used by the U.S is imported. Much of this oil goes into the vehicles we drive, and ends up in our environment, degrading our air, water and soils. From a social, economic and especially environmental standpoint, it is hard to argue against efforts to reduce the amount of fossil fuels we consume.

Fortunately, alternative fuel vehicles are becoming easier to locate and afford. More and more viable alternatives are showing up in the mainstream market, with foreign and domestic makers both taking a crack at the market.

Kenneth Colburn, Executive Director of NASCAUM (Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management) states the following in a 2002 article in the Auto Emissions Magazine, "The California ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) mandate has prompted the development of such advanced technology vehicles as hybrids, super low emitting conventional gasoline cars, and fuel-cell vehicles. . . A number of different types of vehicles are already being certified as Partial ZEVs (PZEVs), including natural gas, gasoline electric hybrid, and conventional gasoline vehicles, and three hybrid passenger car models have now been on the market for a few years." On a personal note, he goes on to say how happy he is with his Honda Civic Hybrid.

In addition to these passenger vehicles, there are also advances being made in bicycles and motorcycles. Electric and electric pedal-assist bicycles, as well as hybrid motorcycles can be a low-cost, low-fuel way to commute. The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association has a catalog of some of the options in bicycles and motorcycles.

As an environmentally sensitive option when renting vehicles away from home, there is now a company that will rent select alternative fuel cars alongside the more conventional vehicles. EVRental Vehicles is co-located at select Budget Rent a Car facilities, and offers a variety of environmentally cleaner vehicles for rent as an alternative to the standard vehicles found at most rental companies. By offering an alternative when renting vehicles, they are not only limiting the pollution released into the environment and the use of non-renewable resources; they are also getting the word out about these environment-wise vehicles.


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